Couples massage course I & II

At Holistic Therapy Pro's we believe self-care is a personal system of habits developed to maintain and support a healthy body and mind. In the same respect, partner-care is a system of habits developed to create and maintain a supportive and theraputic environment. If you can ground yourself, set your intention, and be present; you can practice and benefit from the art of massage therapy.

As humans we naturally want the best for our families and ourselves. However, many times we sacrifice our own wellness to make it happen. While you may think your getting more done or saving money by putting self-care on the back-burner, you are only putting it on hold to pay a higher price later. Two of the most common things that get sacrificed are our relationships with our body and/or our spouse. For example, we may feel chronic tightness and aches in various parts of our body. Instead of addressing them we may say to ourselves, "I'll tend to it next week." We may feel tension from our spouse but are too overwhelmed with other things to address it. We may say, " I'll make a grand gesture once I reach this goal." Before you know it, its been three months. By that time you're so wound up you may find it hard to truely relax. This is why integrating self-care and partner-care into your schedule are vital to a healthy lifestyle. Our couples courses are designed to get people intune with their individual needs and then with the needs of their partner. With these easy to learn techniques you'll be able to facilitate wellness anytime, ignite passion, or respark intimacy.

what to expect

Each 90 minute course goes at a beginners pace and is comprised of two components: theory & hands-on techniques. Our courses are instructed by Illinois licensed massage therapists; a male and female team. Your instructors will walk you step by step through each routine to ensure your comfort and comprehension. Questions are welcome so feel free to ask us anything!  Before and after the class light refreshments will be served. During the class, each couple will be provided with a massage table, linen, and lotion. You can bring your own refreshments and lotions if you choose. Personal belongings can be stored under your massage table.

Class sizes are kept small at 15 couples per session. We understand that massage is an intimate experience so we strive to create a theraputic, non-judgemental, and supportive environment.  We are here to learn and enjoy! We are not here to criticize or condescend. With that, we ask all of our participants to be mindful of their language and behavior. Anyone being rude or disrespectful in any way will be asked to leave without refund. In addition, It is a contraindication to recieve massage when someone is inebriated. We ask our participants to refrain from drug or alcohal use before the class. Please let your instructor know of any pre-existing conditions.

What To Wear

When it is your turn to recieve massage, you will be removing clothes to your comfort level.  You will be use the linen provided to cover yourself; you will never be exposed beyond the part of the body being worked on.  We ask men to wear boxers or shorts and women to wear a bikini top or a garment that is easily removed to expose to entire back. Underwear are kept on. Comfortable and easy to remove clothing and flip flops are the best options here. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.


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