Facial Treatments

Facials not only help you manage the dirt and grime from your daily life by deep-cleansing and detoxifying skin, they also help balance your skin’s hydration, minimize pores and beat wrinkles before they occur. Facial massage in particular stimulates the production of collagen and elastin (the main supporting structures of the skin) which keeps the skin elastic and firm. From start to finish, a great facial treatment is designed to deliver a better complexion, a more even skin tone, and skin that maintains a youthful glow for the long term.


Enhance your mental and physical well-being with stimulating or relaxing aromatic oils. Aromatherapy taps into the emotional center of the brain and is known to have therapeutic effects on emotional states which in turn can benefit you physically when combined with a massage.


Guided Mediation

The practice of meditation goes back thousands of years and proponents have touted its benefits for just as long. Increasing numbers of scientific studies support the notion that meditation can rewire brain circuitry that produces an array of benefits for the brain, mind and body.



Paraffin Wax Treatments

Our Signature Paraffin Hand or Foot treatment is a wonderfully relaxing experience that begins with a natural-bristle brushing of skin to remove excess dead skin cells. Then several layers of our organic paraffin are painted onto to skin. The wax sits with heated gloves or booties,  as you are cocooned in a warm blanket. A skilled therapist provides a delightful scalp massage that lets your mind and body drift into serenity. The wax is gently pulled off to expose a new layer radiant and soft skin.



Our body will naturally attempt to heal itself, but prolonged exposure to stress can thwart the healing process. It can feel like you carry a burden beyond your own weight. Such a sensation can be attributed to a blockage in one of your chakras because you are literally holding onto negative energy or emotions, like stress, anger or grief.

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